Full Truckload

We specialize in transportation of temperature controlled full truckload shipments. We’re equipped to consolidate similar materials from multiple customers and help reduce transportation costs.

Our transportation management system (TMS), allows our customers to track shipments history and expected delivery time. This provides our customers with improved planning and forecasting.

Additionally, CGL has priority booking and availability at all Rinchem locations in addition to a U.S network of over 25+ cross-dock facilities and warehouses. Rinchem and our partners’ local delivery fleet can provide customers with just-in-time delivery of your materials.

Empty Returnable Container Program

CGL Transport’s Empty Returnable Container program allows you to receive your returnable containers sooner. Due to the high price of containers, this program helps our customer save money by maximizing the use of each container.

Returnable Container Features:

  • Online tracking of volumes and types of containers
  • Order request services
  • Consolidation of containers

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