Why CGL Transport?

CGL Transport develops streamlined, cost-efficient transportation solutions for its customers, helping them to achieve a strategic, competitive logistics advantage within their respective industries. Some key reasons to choose CGL Transport as your preferred transportation provider include the following:

Chemical Focus and Expertise

CGL Transport safely and efficiently transports millions of pounds of chemicals, hazardous and non-hazardous materials each year. We are a national bonded carrier for transportation. We maintain a specialized fleet of tractors and trailers for local, 24-hour, just-in-time delivery, and over-the-road transportation. (Read More)

Breadth of Services

CGL Transport offers comprehensive logistics solutions for the chemical distribution network through its affiliation with Rinchem Company, Inc. Rinchem, as an asset-based lead logistics provider, can manage all logistics related supplier contracts on behalf of its customers and coordinate all logistics related activity. A joint team, consisting of representatives from each company, will work with all involved parties to assemble the resources, capabilities and technologies needed to cost-effectively and expertly design, build and implement a streamlined, responsive chemical supply or distribution network. (Read More)

Access to Logistics Technologies

CGL Transport provides a secure, online reporting interface where customers can check on the status of loads, submit requests for transport, view trip histories and keep a finger upon the pulse of transportation activities. CGL Transport utilizes a state-of-the-art GPS tracking system on its tractor/trailer units so that dispatchers know at all times the location of customer materials. CGL Transport also utilizes transportation planning software to consolidate loads, increase capacity utilization, reduce miles and deliver a more efficient solution to its customers. (Read More)

Environmental Stewardship

CGL Transport has implemented a variety of strategies to reduce its environmental footprint and help its customers to build environmentally friendly logistics networks. Its over-the-road tractors are generally less than five years old, utilizing more efficient, cleaner burning engines that reduce emissions. CGL Transport tractors are equipped with auxiliary power units (APUs) that substantially reduce fuel consumption, while still allowing drivers to get air conditioning, heat, and electricity when the truck is idling. CGL Transport is part of the EPA's SmartWay program, having received a score of 1.25, which is the highest score that can be awarded. (Read More)